We are experiencing Murphy’s Law with our move and I’m attempting to catch up with work so I’m hitting the pause button this week. Next week I’m going to attempt my twice a week posting schedule and kick it back in high gear. I got this! I can do it! I’ll have to say, through this process I’m learning a lot about myself. This has been a fun and frustrating experience at the same time. I’ve learned a lot about time management, or at least how I manage time poorly. I’ve learned that my artwork only improves if I’m honest with myself and can acknowledge my mistakes and sometimes that can be a painful thing. I’m also learning that I cannot obsess over every little line and detail before sharing it with the world. This is important to me, but this one little comic in the endless sea of webcomics out there and there are bigger and more important things in the world to worry about out there.  I often say to people I’d be creating this whether anyone would read it or not but honestly, it’s a lot more rewarding to share it with people. I hope you like what I’m doing and I hope you keep dropping by. I’ve got a lot more story to tell!

See you next week!