So here we are. The point of the story where questions start getting answered, the antagonist (in this case antagonists) reveal themselves, and the larger story comes into focus. “Welcome Back” is the name of this first chapter (or episode) of a much longer story. And it’s here where I want to make sure that things are moving in the right direction. I have had the bigger picture in my head for quite some time but as I’ve actually started creating it and sharing it with you I occasionally notice places in that larger story that need tweaking. In some cases better ideas pop up and I have to do re-writes. Sometimes you want to meet your self-imposed deadline so badly you ignore the nagging feeling in the back of your head that something is off, either with the story or with the artwork. Sometimes that nagging feeling is a really good thing. You see obvious problems that need to be fixed. That’s why I’ve delayed this last page. It’s not really page 57 that’s the problem, it’s the fact that the story has split into two, creating an “A” story and a “B” story and I had to figure out where the best place was to switch from one to the other. The “A” story, in this case is Sam, November and Vierling making a descent (literally and figuratively) into darkness in order to get some much-needed answers. The “B” story will follow the rest of the gang as the mysterious agents come knocking.

This has been a really interesting experience. I started this webcomic back in February and since then I’ve learned a lot. Just the artwork alone has changed quite a bit in my opinion and I hope that those improvements keep coming as the story goes along. And I’ve appreciated the advice and questions I’ve gotten from my growing group of readers. That has been really cool. The traffic has been slowly climbing up and since I have been posting on Webtoon and Tapastic I have a whole new batch of readers. As my “fan base” grows  I’ve also learned that only two updates a week is frustrating for some of you and I’ve also noticed if I miss a deadline I actually lose a few subscribers. That’s always discouraging, but since this isn’t my day job I can assure you I’m trying my best. So if you like what you’ve been reading, please hang in there. It’s only going to get better as I go along. Webcomics are a weird thing: one page takes me hours upon hours to create yet most read that page in 30 seconds to a minute. And then it’s done. And the reader is stuck wondering what happens next. I get it. That part sucks. Part of me thinks it would be better if I just put the site on hold and released each chapter (or episode) in its completed form. Less pressure? Maybe. But then what would happen to our weekly visits with one another? And how would I get the finished story out to everyone? Who would know about it? This way, I’m at least letting people know about Tamarack Lane, NOW. At this moment. This is where I am.

I like my new friends so I hope you stick around.

P.S.  That was my way of saying I missed Friday’s post and will be posting on Tuesday!