Hello Everyone.


Happy New Year! For those who still read Tamarack Lane, I thank you! You’ve been around while I had to reboot this first chapter and I appreciate your patience. However, I once again have to make another delay announcement – I can’t stand the week to week format. It’s not for me. I really tried but I think webcomics work best for people that have punchline type of strips. The long-form stories I want to tell need more room to breathe. So, here’s the thing:  I will keep posting pages for several more weeks until I catch up to the current page I am working on and then I am going to finish this beast as a book. Once it’s completed, I will have it available in a digital format almost immediately and for those who want it in print, I will keep them informed of my progress as I look for around for viable options.

After that, all future stories will be in book format for you to enjoy as full, complete stories. I think it works better this way and I think I will be able to produce better stories faster than trying to crank out sub-par weekly supplements. The website will change too. It will keep everyone posted on the progress of the newest book and have all of the completed stories available for you as well. Also, I’m working on a reference guide for characters and locations which I think will be helpful moving forward.

Thank you for sticking with me!